Group Exhibition ESA C3

May 16–25,  2014
KUMF Gallery ⁠ accessible_forward
  • Rachel Asevicius
  • Emily Badgley
  • Madeline Bassant
  • Taylor Baker
  • Alexander Arjoon
  • Enzo Break
  • Claire Button
  • Jade Cohen
  • Carrie Collacutt
  • Sam Hughes
  • Samarah Iddon
  • Scott Jenner
  • Samantha Lucchetta
  • Olivia MacKay
  • Laura Makaltses
  • Michaela Mar
  • Meagan McCluskey
  • Kate McDermott
  • Luke Mohan
  • Shawn Molko
  • William Montgomery
  • Kevin Nguyen
  • Haley Parker
  • Lucy Pauker
  • Nicolas Paulino
  • Ethan Rosenberg
  • Viktoria Ryrak
  • Lindsay Sadler
  • Kenneth Stevens
  • Erika Verhagen

This exhibition of contemporary art provides viewers with a glimpse of what is possible when a young artist explores the human condition. Each student’s process is personal, thoughtful, and often full of risks. Through exploration and research, these young artists created works focusing on their own interests. The final embodiment of each creative inquiry is captured through a series of exceptionally powerful and engaging images. 

Curated by Glenn Novak