Chih-Chien Wang A Person Who Disappears

Art Gallery of Mississauga ⁠ accessible_forward

Renowned Montreal-based artist Chih-Chien Wang, whose practice deals with the cognition of the self and its environment, explores phenomenological notions of whether it is possible to disappear from society in A Person Who Disappears. This photo-based, immersive installation is inspired by a news report recounting the mysterious disappearance of a woman and her child who boarded an elevator bound for the top floor of a building and were never seen again.

Wang examines concepts of emotional exchange, solitude, personal space, intimacy, and definition of the self through a fictional space that takes the viewer through a landscape of existence and non-existence. Wang’s work is simultaneously austere and beautiful. Its use of highly personal, evocative imagery poses questions about how people position themselves in relation to others, and how identities are performed in modern social spaces. 

Curated by Stuart Keeler