Ned Pratt Ned Pratt

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Ned Pratt was born, raised, and currently lives in Newfoundland. His understanding of the province’s beautiful but harsh landscape is the foundation of his work. Pratt’s photographs capture the essence of Canada’s eastern shores while remaining largely abstract. His use of a frontal perspective simplifies the landscape into a painterly arrangement of shapes, colours, and textures.

This is Pratt’s first exhibition at Nicholas Metivier Gallery. It features photographs from his surroundings taken over the course of one year, highlighting the weathering effects of rain, snow, ice, and wind. In all of the images, an entire stretch or at least part of the horizon is visible. Pratt plays with the tension of what lies above and below it. Colour, or the absence of colour, also plays a central role. Pratt elates in the minimalism of winter as the monochromatic palette complements his formal sensibility. Conversely, he also seeks out colour, when available, in the smallest and most unusual locations and brings it to the forefront. Pratt’s insider perspective reveals his profound respect and admiration for a place that, as he describes, “is not for the faint of heart.”