What I want. What I am. What you force me to be is what you are. For I am you, staring back from a mirror of poverty and despair, of revolt and freedom. Look at me and know that to destroy me is to destroy yourself. — Gordon Parks

Gordon Parks (1912 – 2006) was a prolific artist whose photographs formed a comprehensive portrait of 20th-century American society and culture. As the first African-American staff photographer for LIFE magazine, Parks was also an important advocate for racial equality and his images told groundbreaking stories about poverty, marginalization, and injustice.

I AM YOU presents the work of this remarkable storyteller whose striking imagery resonated with a wide and diverse audience during a turbulent time within American society. The exhibition focuses on photographs covering two decades of the Civil Rights movement and includes portraits of leaders such as Malcolm X and Rosa Parks, as well as images from some of Parks’ most influential bodies of work.