Gallery 44 Members Spectra: Gallery 44 Members Show, Part 2

  • Patrice Carmichael
  • Jeff Curran
  • Courtney Fairweather
  • Susan Fothergill
  • Sylvia Galbraith
  • Eric Garsonnin
  • Brian Groberman
  • Susan Kerr
  • Christine Mack
  • Christine Marshall-Smith
  • Zohreh Moeini
  • Branimir Ruzic
  • James Sutherland
  • Drew Williamson
  • Trevor Ydreos

Spectra is a three-part exhibition by an innovative group of Gallery 44 Centre for Contemporary Photography members. The photographers have pooled their talents to showcase work that represents a variety of photographic concepts and techniques, celebrates artistic practice, and reveals ways seemingly disparate work can intersect. Spectra reflects the spirit embodied by the community of Gallery 44.