Thomas Brasch Post Tenebras Lux

May 15–Jul 8,  2021
Bob Carnie Gallery ⁠ accessible_forward

Post Tenebras Lux – “light after darkness.”

In this fusion of two series, Brasch explores a common theme: the transformative power of light displacing the darkness. Light embodies wisdom, healing, and growth in humanity’s passage from the dark to light ages.

In the series Out of the Darkness, Brasch transforms lens-based source images from his travels into luminous and iridescent commemorative mandalas. The images juxtapose beauty and violence, light and darkness. These images are his response to the madness and chaos in the world. They also pay tribute to the victims of senseless hate and violence. Each piece is titled by the city, location, and the date of the event. It is up to the viewer to discover the connections.

Brasch’s second series Enlightenment provides viewers with a hopeful message in these dark and complicated times. Instead of greed, corruption, famine, and war, they are reminded of humanity’s other offerings: charity, equality, social consciousness, wisdom, and civility. Each image acts as a beacon back to our humanity and a reminder that, with insight, empathy, and integrity, one can bring order to chaos – a light unto darkness.

Curated by Bob Carnie