Morgan Sears-Williams Impermanent Embrace

Apr 29–Jun 5,  2022
Arsenal Contemporary ⁠ accessible_forward
    Morgan Sears-Williams, sway / pull, Toronto Island, 2022. 5m 15s, double 8mm film

Impermanent Embrace is a meditation on oral histories, map making and belonging. The artist invites us to look at the erosion of the fragile sand dunes on Hanlan’s Point Beach, located on the Toronto Islands.

As the site of Toronto’s first gay pride celebrations in 1971, the clothing optional beach has remained a queer haven in the city for generations. Despite the significance for conservation of the fragile dunes, the Toronto Islands have faced poor city planning and management, which has led to a significant amount of erosion on the beach

Most recently, the beach has attracted more public attention as a place to visit, which has led to attacks on the communities that have found this to be a safe space. Additionally, with the rising costs of living in the city and with rents becoming increasingly unaffordable for many, safe spaces for the queer community have been disappearing. With the increasing erosion, Morgan Sears-Williams asks us how we can blend moments and create non-linear ways to view time, making imagined time in a queer space.

Curated by Lesia Miga

Presented by Arsenal Contemporary Art Toronto