Thomas Brasch how to be human – we are all connected

May 1–31,  2022
Clark Centre for the Arts ⁠ accessible_forward

In how to be human – we are all connected, the artist draws lines and tells visual stories that place the history and rebirth of the “Guild of All Arts” in Scarborough within the greater history of the City of Toronto.

The exhibition consists of lens-based interpretations of the sculptures and façades on the grounds of the Guild Park and Gardens. These works engage the viewers to make a human connection between the sculptures and structures with the Guild Park and Gardens and the nature found in the surrounding conservation area of the Scarborough Bluffs.

The new works are part of Brasch’s series entitled Oculus Constructed. Untitled #01 and #03 are previous works from his series entitled Oculus.

Curated by Karen Harkins