Christine Flynn WAVES

May 4–27
Dianna Witte Gallery ⁠ not_accessible
    Christine Flynn, Tofino Sunrise, 2023, (photograph with mixed media; 36x60in). Courtesy of the artist and Dianna Witte Gallery

From its raw power to gentle ebbs and flows, the wave holds a certain allure that calls to something deep within the human soul. In this exhibition, Canadian artist Christine Flynn immortalizes the ever-fleeting beauty of waves from across the globe, with each large-scale artwork exemplifying the artist’s signature mixed-media approach, conveying a familiar subject through her unique lens.

Over the course of her career, the Toronto-born, Prince Edward County-based artist has reimagined traditional photography, elevating her striking prints with unique hand-applied treatments, creating one-of-a-kind artworks. Flynn overlays stunning landscapes with abstract embellishments of paint and metallic foil, giving the work a sense of character that is simultaneously personal and universal. Imbued with nostalgia and seduction, her photographs invite viewers into a world of beauty and wonder both distant and familiar.

In her most recent works, Flynn invites viewers on the global odyssey of documenting the ephemeral allure of her subject, her images depicting waves from around the world. The photographs take viewers to the dramatic cliffs of Portugal, to the rugged coastlines of Scotland, to the rolling waves of Big Sur, and to the breathtaking shores of South Africa. This new series marries the movements of the oceans’ tides with Flynn’s unique aesthetic. Each piece exists at the intersection of art and nature, celebrating the power of the sea’s most elusive wonders.

One of the central pieces in the show is Nazaré Wave (2022). Captured in Nazaré, Portugal, this magnificent force is considered among the largest and most dangerous waves in the world, with the ability to reach towering heights of thirty metres. The journey to see the Nazaré Wave is not just a physical accomplishment—it is a spiritual feat. Through Flynn’s artworks featuring the site, the viewer is given a window into the beauty and force of this unique, ephemeral landmark.

The ocean and its waves have always served as a siren song to artists, luring them in with the promise of capturing their fleeting beauty and magnificence. But among the many who have tried, few succeed in harnessing the power and splendour of these spectacular phenomena. In Flynn’s hands, the ocean’s waves are transformed into ethereal, dreamlike landscapes that appeal to the most innate human intuitions, and are sure to evoke a deep emotional response.

Presented by Dianna Witte Gallery

Christine Flynn is a Canadian mixed-media artist based in Prince Edward County, known for her unique vision and innovative style. By layering distinct geometric elements over stunning landscapes, she blurs the lines of reality, striking a harmonious blend between life and abstraction that pushes the very understanding of contemporary photography. Flynn received her BFA from New York’s Houghton College in 1994. She has since established herself as a prominent figure in the art world, participating in art fairs, both at home and abroad, spanning cities including New York, Miami, London, Paris, Hong Kong, Amsterdam, Stockholm, and Hamburg.