Group Exhibition Bodies in Time & Space

May 16–21
Messy House Toronto ⁠ not_accessible
  • Cecilia Bracmort
  • Alina Chen
  • Diwya De Silva
  • Ahmad Naser-Eldein

Environments shift as bodies occupy their spaces. Alternatively, time can alter how we define or perceive our bodies. When one starts to consider the intersectionality of the countless types of bodies in the world, one must recognize that there is no singular response to how individuals occupy time or space. As a response to this action and reaction within environments, Bodies in Time & Space brings together four artists to show- case the multiplicity of their human experiences. The artists use personal, political, and/or sexual inquisitions of identities, decolonization, and immigration to showcase how their bodies, or bodies akin to theirs, are affected by time and space.