Group Exhibition From Black and White to NFTs/Ancestors Return: Wounded Knee

May 5–27
183 Gallery ⁠ not_accessible
  • Michael Jenkins
  • Carol Mark
  • Alan McKee
  • Michael Sillers
  • Tanya Sillers
  • Joe Wang
  • John Willis

From its earliest iterations to today’s technology, photography has evolved from being a marking of light to a mirror of the human condition. The photographer becomes the artist and brings the human experience forward to the viewer to witness. The works in From Black-and-White to NFTs explore the ever-changing medium and technology through the lens of the artists.

In Ancestor’s Return: Wounded Knee, renowned documentary photographer and author John Willis exhibits images from his three-plus decades of working with Oglala Lakota Native Americans, including documentation of the repatriation of artifacts at Wounded Knee.

Curated by Alan McKee and Carol Mark