Group Exhibition Reflections of Solitude

May 5–14
Steve & Sally Stavro Family YMCA ⁠ accessible_forward
  • Wendy Bagnall
  • Nika Belianina
  • Giulia Ciampini
  • Frank Eberdt
  • Ahmad Naser-Eldein
  • John Faragher
  • Greg Johnson
  • Jane Kidner
  • Kersti Meema
  • Leah Oates
  • Dror Orbach
  • Victor Peters
  • Maria Ricossa
  • Joy Sussman
  • Mariana Topfstedt
  • Will Wallace

Reflections of Solitude is a group photographic exhibition featuring images by local and international artists. The moments of stillness and drama captured in these images lead the viewer to the threshold of a silent space for observation and introspection. They invite the viewer to pause and quiet the mind, and find space for reflection and solitude, where awareness and attunement to the whispers of the heart become possible.

Curated by Jane Kidner