Destiny Hartens and Friends My spaces too: Natural Landscapes and Urban Spaces

May 1–31
G.L. Roberts CVI ⁠ accessible_forward

My Spaces Too: Natural Landscapes and Urban Spaces exhibition is an event rooted in showcasing and recognizing the voice, creative eye, and artistic works of Black high school students living and studying in Ontario’s Durham Region.  The photographs share a narrative of natural and urban landscapes through a lens of blackness, and artistic inclusion.

By gathering the photographs of Black students, Gr.9-12, we aimed to shed light on the extent that the natural world, and our local surroundings inspires us all.  It is also vitally important that this exhibition promotes the mental decentralization of various mediums of communication such as, photography and exhibitions, and encourages Black students to adopt a mindset of boldly exploring different spaces, both tangible and intangible, that are sometimes perceived to be non-Black (i.e. Nature, photography, university, suburbia, wind surfing, etc.).

Curated by Makayla Kovacs