Shai Buddah, Felicia Byron, Sydellia Ndiaye Here & Home

May 3–18
The Riverdale Hub ⁠ accessible_forward

Curated by Djenabé Edouard, Here & Home presents the work of photographer Felicia Byron, spoken-word artist Sydellia Ndiaye and choreographer Shai Buddah in an exhibition that brings visibility to the Afro-Caribbean community and celebrates stories of immigration, labour, and legacy.

Presented in partnership with Mayworks Festival of Working People & the Arts, the exhibition is in dialogue with members of the Afro-Caribbean labour community and seeks to address the socioeconomic systems that support migratory labour but not migrant workers; continuing to define the Caribbean, primarily, as a source of cheap labour.

Opening Reception: Thursday, May 4, 7pm at Riverdale Hub.
Closing reception: Wednesday, May 17, 7pm at Riverdale Hub.

Curated by Djenabé Edouard