Sally Ayre G44: Alternative Process Cyanotypes

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In this hands-on workshop, learn how to create cyanotype prints with darker blues and deeper tonal range using the modern printing processes.

Participants will be guided through the experience of combining contemporary image-making with one of the earliest photographic printing processes. Cyanotype is a non-silver process that can be combined or used independently to create distinctive Blue-toned imagery on natural materials such as silk or art papers. This hands-on workshop with artist Sally Ayre covers proper coating, exposing, and developing techniques for Cyanotype.

Participants must bring their own black-and-white digital negatives (maximum size 8×10″). If you need to print digital negatives, Gallery 44 can provide this service only for the purposes of this workshop. You can print digital negatives for $10/square foot. Please inquire about this service upon registration. You must submit your files at least two weeks before to the workshop in order to have them for the session.

Sally Ayre is a photo-based artist working in print and historical photographic
processes. She was born in Newfoundland and is currently living in Toronto.
Walking is one of her passions, an activity she enjoys and where her thoughts can
flow at liberty in many directions. The exploration of parks, ravines and waterways in and around Toronto has given Sally a rich context where many of her art projects have been sparked and fostered. During her walks she has collected hundreds of natural specimens to be scanned and catalogued into her image bank where she draws from to create work.