Robert Polidori

New York based photographer Robert Polidori has received critical acclaim for his photographs of historic and modern cities and architectural sites around the world. In his words "where you point the camera is the question and the picture you get is the answer" and his subtle interrogation of urbanity reveals corporeality expressed through materiality.

For three days in 2001 Polidori photographed Chernobyl and the surrounding areas fifteen years after reactor number four exploded—the worst nuclear accident in history that rendered the area uninhabitable for the next several thousand years.

The radioactive material released in the explosion caused thousands of related deaths and harm to millions of people. It is a site that has been called "a modern day Pompeii". The reactor is now encased in a concrete sarcophagus, a ruined monument to the Soviet empire. Polidori's disturbing, hauntingly beautiful photographs of the abandoned buildings where hundreds of thousands of people once lived reflect his interest in contradictions of existence. In the fifteen large-scale colour photographs of this exhibition, we see the latent meanings of the built enviroments we create, inhabit, abandon and destroy.