Love Sexy at the Drake

P. Elaine Sharpe

P. Elaine Sharpe recently spent a month as artist-in-residence at the Drake Hotel and created two bodies of work. For 'lovesexyhotel' she outfitted her room with surveillance equipment and rented it out to exhibitionists of all stripes, photographing them both before and after their hour long adventures. 'Checked Out' is a forensic record of the detritus of ordinary Hotel clients who have moved on; the aftermath of soiled linens, unmade beds, room service trays.

Also on display will be an exhibition curated by Sharpe. 'Escaping' pursues ideas of fugitive geography and features work by Toni Hafkenscheid (CDA), Anthony Hopewell (UK), Wolfgang Zurborn (DE), Gina Glover (UK), Stephen Vaughan (UK), Dinu Li (UK), Christoph Burtscher (DE).

Curated by Jessica Rose/Drake Hotel