Eldon Garnet

Eldon Garnet creates photography that is predicated upon constructing a series of images to frame an abstract narrative about our current social, political and economic environments. In Dominion, as in much of Garnet’s work, the polarities of beauty and threat, rapture and effrontery, confront each other. Pushing the boundaries of photographic depiction, Garnet presents metaphoric constructs for the individual condition, which is fragile and precarious in our current cultural moment. He creates iconic images that are lyrical yet threatening – the individual in a struggle against an undefined violence, or the body under attack. In one image, two men fight violently, set against the background of Mies van der Rohe’s iconic Toronto Dominion Centre; in another photograph, a lone man immersed in a river struggles with the heavy current. We are confronted with the hope of a future in the difficulty of the moment.

Based in Toronto, Garnet has established an internationally recognized artistic practice, working as a multi-media artist and writer since the 1970s. Surveys of his sculptures and photographic work have been held at the National Gallery of Canada (CMCP) in Ottawa, the Museum of Contemporary Canadian Art in Toronto and the Centrum voor Fotografie in Amsterdam.