Still Motions

Ken Jacobs, Tuomo Raino, Bettina Hoffmann, Elina Brotherus, GwenËL BÉlanger, Karl Lemieux, Jutta Strohmaier, Lucia Fezzuoglio

Still Motions traces the tension between the still and the moving image, presenting works that critique the logic of traditional photography via its successor media, film and video. Each work contains a degree of stillness that is in some way destabilized to disrupt the notion of a photograph as a suspended moment in time. The interaction of the three media allow for hybrid forms of moving images to emerge, generating the uncanny within the familiar while adding a sensorial – even visceral – dimension to our appreciation of the still image.

Jutta Strohmaier and Ken Jacobs combine traditional image-making with new editing capabilities. Strohmaier creates a time-lapse out of single stills; Jacob scans old stereographic images to bring them, flickering, to life, animated by nonlinear editing software. Gwenael Belanger inverts the process, re-editing single-channel footage into a spiraling animation of stills. Tuomo Rainio recontextualizes the materiality of film by using computer software to capture the process of celluloid as it is exposed. Karl Lemieux and Lucia Fezzuoglio use a classic film processing technique to create an interactive piece that renders the projected light as material to be moved through.

Curated by by Mark Andre Pennock, coordinated by Karen Kraven