L.Gulan, P.Gertner, R.Ellis, A.Chornous, R.Charow, M.Bae, S.Woods, J.Smith, S.Schacter, H.Rose, C.Rash, N.Mifflin, M.Kirshenblatt, A.Goodwill, S.Goodman, M.Frost-Brown, M.Chapman, E.Campbell, M.Brown, C.Bertucci, O.Barad, R.Inwentash, H.Kenny, L.Kitchen, K.Rothschild, E.Wilder, C.Baler, A.Fine, A.Speyer

In our rapidly changing world, new discoveries are made at the click of a mouse, yet teenagers are still uncovering meaning undiminished. For this exhibition, teens have wrangled two different media, photography and text, each with its own syntax, resulting in many different forms that transforms the meaning of both.

Curated by Marilyn Westlake, teacher