Survey 2002 – 2007 / Homeless • Home / Familia Lavandria • Family Laundry

Foregoing digital techniques, Jakub Dolejš’ draws on his background as a painter to emphasize the artificiality of the photographic image, a truth we are usually content to ignore. Dolejs’ stages his artworks, combining real life elements – often posed models – with painted backdrops to create photographs that, as the artist notes “create links between two worlds”. In Dolejš’ hands, images become more fully understood as the product of a fantasy.

Andrée Gagné, an artist and third generation commercial photographer, documents people living on the street to portray ‘home’ as a portable and internal space. Her images focus on the folds of the cloth worn to stay warm, ironically evoking the aesthetics of haute couture. Gagne transforms the language of fashion photography into socially concerned yet seductive portraits of homeless people.

Tim Roda’s rough-hewn photographs combine private memory and invented history to present a broken narrative about personal identity and intergenerational relationships. Drawing upon his eccentric upbringing by immigrant working-class parents, Roda creates tableaux-vivants that add up to a beguiling family album. Featuring the artist, his wife and children, these images present family portraits as constructs of reality.