Exposed: Pervasive Infuence

Ferdinand Herrera, Sheryl Dudley, Steven Beckly, Shelley Wildeman, Sarah Febbraro, Derek Flack, Gil Reynolds, Ruth Gillson, Ben Ng, Courtney Kelsey, Genevieve Thauvette, Sophie Hogan, Barry Stoch, Aaron Vincent Elkaim, Brett Gundlock, Colin Carney, Lindsay Lauckner, Daniela Tersigni, Esmond Lee, Geneviève Caron, Genevieve Blais, Natalia Sokolovska, Joe Fleming, Nicole Koster, Miklos Legrady, Katia Houde, Tifffany Doldron, Walter Segers, William Suarez

Exposed: Pervasive Influence seeks to examine the tyranny of the photograph. How does an image colonize perception? How are false realities created through different photo genres? This group show illuminates layers of perception by unmasking cultural appropriation, interrupting the fashion photographer’s narrative, decoding the anthropomorphization of animals through fantasy portraiture, and by confronting us with the effects of omnipresent advertising on our bodies; each work reveals new possibilities for reading images.