Celebrated Canadian photographer Jessica Eaton uses analogue techniques often dating from the early years of photography to explore the elemental properties of the medium. A photography graduate from Vancouver’s Emily Carr University who now resides in Montreal, Eaton has quickly risen to international prominence. She is renowned for her richly hued geometric compositions, which she describes as “photographs I wasn’t able to see before they existed.” Though her works are often mistaken for digital manipulations, her colour palette is produced entirely within the camera using filters and multiple exposures. While these optical effects appear to be entirely abstract, they result from an elaborate process of transforming her subjects into pure evocations of light. Interested in how a camera and the light sensitive matter of film can be used to “see” beyond what is possible within human vision, Eaton has recently begun to take her experimentation with vision, colour, and light into the natural world, creating otherworldly compositions that reveal the internal structure and external form of living matter.