Arctic Exposure: Photographs of Canada's North

Donovan Wylie, Jimmy Manning, Norman Hallendy, Richard Harrington, Robert J. Flaherty, A.A. Chesterfield, Lachlan T. Burwash

Canadian identity is strongly tied to the North, yet impressions of this vast, remote, and desolate place have largely been formed through the viewing of photography. Nearly two hundred years have passed since photographs of the Arctic were first taken; a history marked by considerable cultural shifts and changes in image making and production technologies. Arctic Exposure: Photographs of Canada’s North brings together images made between 1881 and 2013, revealing an ongoing fascination with the peoples, places, and mythologies of the North. These visual documents reinforce the power of photographs to generate a compelling sense of empathy and reverence for a place that remains far from reach for most people.

Organized with the McMichael Canadian Art Collection


Curated by Sharona Adamowicz-Clements and Bonnie Rubenstein