Jean-François Bouchard

Transpose showcases photographs by Jean-François Bouchard that delve into the intimate journeys undergone by members of the transgendered community, specifically those who have transitioned from female to male. Bouchard follows the tradition of classical portraiture in his images and unearths the multiple layers of societal, personal, and aesthetic preconceptions one may have when faced with such a transformation.

While some may turn to body modification for the sake of beautification, the transgendered look to surgical intervention to free themselves of the constraints of their assigned sex. Bouchard pays homage to the inner strength and personal sacrifice required to realize an alignment of self. Transpose is the culmination of three years’ worth of research, interviews, and photo sessions that have taken place in New York, Los Angeles, and Montreal. Biographical statements written by the subjects accompany each photograph.

Bouchard’s works have been exhibited in Canada, the United States, and France. His work focuses on marginalized and often ostracized groups in Western society. He sees his role as not only that of an activist but also of a witness who communicates the humanity of his subjects.