Join Ian Sternthal for the Toronto launch of  A A O UE  by Keren Benbenisty, Universal by Hillel Roman and Noa Ben-Shalom’s Hush: Israel Palestine 2000 - 2014

Sternthal Books is an art book publishing company devoted to making politically oriented picture books. We use images and aesthetics to examine current global issues from an artistic perspective.

 A A O UE by Keren Benbenisty, is an experimental photography book based on erasing a photography catalogue from the 80's called The Burghley Collection, which presents a collection of porcelains from the far east collected by The British Royal Family. Each page was ripped out of the binding, and erased according to a series of techniques defined by the artist, to be rebound in a new order. The project is a disruption and an interruption of the West's colonial framing of the East through 'collection.'

Hillel Roman's Universal integrates his videos, sculptures, and drawings in the elaboration of a volume which seeks to deconstruct as much as it does to enchant. By re-presenting a variety of internet-sourced utopian images which both seduce, entice, and dominate us, his work calls into question popular mythologies while simultaneously celebrating how the Internet inverts hierarchies of knowledge, changing how information is exchanged, and unseating the dominance of experts within the epistimological fields of knowledge.

Noa Ben-Shalom’s Hush: Israel Palestine 2000 - 2014 features over 130 photographs documenting the Israeli- Palestinian conflict, turning away from the more obvious scenes of direct violence in order to focus on the subtle ways this conflict has permeated all aspects of life in Israel/Palestine. The images are accompanied by letters and emails written by the photographer, printed in Hebrew, English, and Arabic, providing both a socio-political context for the images, as well as a window into the emotional experience of the artist as witness. Hush enables a quiet moment of introspection within a landscape in which the absurd has become the norm. The book was recently shortlisted for Aperture’s Best First Photo Book prize.