Abdi Osman

Abdi Osman is a Somali-Canadian multidisciplinary artist and an assistant professor of practice at the University at Buffalo (SUNY). Osman’s work focuses on questions of Black masculinity as it intersects with Muslim and queer identities.

Abdi Osman
Abdi Osman, Portals Collage, 2014. Courtesy of the artist

Current Exhibitions & Programs

  • 2023 / core / exhibition

    Group Exhibition
    Black(Cite): Conversations on Black Artistic References

    Too often Black art is understood solely through the lenses of identity, representation, and belonging—the works in Black(Cite) exceed these readings through citation, formalism, and abstraction. Exemplifying Black aesthetic traditions, the featured Canadian artists employ modes of working including poetic meditation on the sea, documentation of Black life, performance of Black living, and commentary on sexuality and gender, in dialogue with broader diasporic conversations.

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