Charlie Engman

Charlie Engman, originally as a movement artist, arrived at picture-taking as a form of visual notation. His images capture the sculptural potential of an action, as a detail of the setting is caught in the moment of becoming something other than itself. Engman’s images are at essence conceptual and visual solutions to the formal problem of picture making, pushing the scope and visual possibility of what he has to work with—models, clothing, props and sets, a certain space, light, the potential of post-production and graphic design. Engman playfully and cleverly confronts the artifice of his images, allowing the viewer to be privy to the boundaries and construction of his working environments.

Charlie Engman
Charlie Engman, Owl Gate, 2023 (AI generated image). Courtesy of the artist

Current Exhibitions & Programs

  • 2023 / core / exhibition

    Group Exhibition
    Tumbling In Harness

    This exhibition brings together Oreet Ashery, Common Accounts, Stine Deja, Charlie Engman, Russell Perkins, and Vunkwan Tam, six artists who explore representations of death and grief within the digital sphere. Collectively, their work acts as an inquiry into the sociological implications of online death in the age of advanced capitalism—a complex, recently-emergent phenomenon whose consequences are yet to be fully understood.

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