FASTWÜRMS (formed 1979) is the cultural project, trademark, and joint authorship of Kim Kozzi and Dai Skuse. FASTWÜRMS artwork is characterized by a poly-disciplinary DIY sensibility, Queer and Witch positivity identity politics, and a keen allegiance towards feminist, working class, and artist collaborations. Guided by the ethos of ecology and the praxis of Witchcraft, FASTWÜRMS has extensive experience making public art, installation art, social making and performance art, landscape and earth art, vernacular and artist architecture, ceramics, ecology, geology, and enminded living systems. FASTWÜRMS is a recipient of the 2023 Governor General’s Award in Visual and Media Arts.

FASTWÜRMS, Red Rum Tut (IBGYBG), 2014. Courtesy of the artists and Paul Petro Contemporary, Toronto

Current Exhibitions & Programs

  • 2023 / core / exhibition


    Based in the territory of Treaty 18, FASTWÜRMS’ witch queer #VOLCANO_LOV3R is a primordial geo-queer liberation narrative, the super-heated witchcraft of “‘many and more," the vulcanology and libidinal economy of abundance, reciprocity, and generosity. #VOLCANO_LOV3R is presented in conjunction with the exhibition Mukwe Dodem (I Am Bear Clan) by Michel Dumont, a queer, two-spirit, Métis artist from the Robinson-Superior Treaty area.

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