Evergreen Brick Works, Young Centre

550 Bayview Ave, Toronto
Hours of Operation
Mon–Fri 9am–5pm
Sat–Sun 10am–5pm
Partially Accessible
  • Level entrance or ramp access
  • Accessible washroom
  • Wide and unobstructed pathways
  • Automatic doors at the entrance
  • Accessible parking nearby

    Current Exhibitions & Programs

    • 2023 / core / exhibition

      Jawa El Khash
      Nature’s Algorithm

      Toggling between past, present, and future, Toronto-based artist Jawa El Khash’s project Nature’s Algorithm comes to life in two ways, exploring time, space, and memory through digitally generated holograms presented in an indoor installation, and in an online experience. Illustrating the mathematical algorithm underlying plant life, the works reveal past and present species existing on the grounds of the Evergreen Brick Works, imagining a diverse future ecosystem.